Friday, January 22, 2010

Announcement! Moving To Libra Seeking Balance!

I’m inviting my readers to my new blog/website, Libra Seeking Balance, to look around and enjoy some very Libra ambiance. From here on out all new posts will go up there. All of the posts from my other blog, Neith on Synastry, have been imported to a separate page, Neith on Synastry Posts on my new website.

Please note I changed the domain name and URL. Those of you kind souls who have set up a link to Libra Seeking Balance in your sidebars will need to change the link. My apologies . . . :-)

Things may be a bit untidy behind the scenes and on the older posts, especially the images. Transferring posts from Blogger to WordPress can do weird things to the text as well. I will be working on editing those but it is going to an ongoing process due to the number of posts needing some work.

Thanks for your support and coming by to read and comment over the years. Hope to see everyone on the other side! :::waves:::

Image: This is the photo I used for my header image on Libra Seeking Balance as well as the basis for my new color scheme. That was the fun part of setting up a new website.

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